#GivingTuesday 11/28/17

Let's make this year our most successful Giving Tuesday yet!

This #GivingTuesday we are focusing five of our initiatives, each of which is listed below. Scroll through to see which way you want to empower Lakota youth & families on this annual day of giving! Want to make an even bigger impact? Take the lead on your own fundraising team and become a fundraiser for our campaign.

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Lakota Language Initiative

Our Lakota Language Initiative develops dozens of books and videos every year so that the children in our Immersion Childcare and Elementary Classroom can stay in the language all day.  These resources are integral to the continued education of the students in our program and we need to create more! Your donation this year will help create new books written in Lakota for our students to enjoy!

Food Sovereignty Initiative

The Food Sovereignty Initiative has been developing a Regenerative Demonstration Farm for our community to reconnect with our food sources and regenerate a local food system.  We have developed a poultry unit, geothermal greenhouse, and community garden all of which will teach other producers and families about these systems in a hands on way.  To make our work more efficient we are fundraising for a tractor.  Your donation towards a tractor will help our team increase our food production in 2018.

Workforce Development

The participants in our Workforce Development Through Sustainable Construction Program work hard through the winter months building houses for future homeowners.  Their hard work increases the sweat equity in the homes lowering the cost for the potential homebuyer.  Your donation towards this program will support us buying them some warm winter gear so that their work can continue throughout the cold months.

Housing Initiative

We are working hard to make these homes affordable for the future homeowners we are working with.  One of the ways we are doing this is through subsidies provided by our partner organizations and individual donors.  We are asking you to support these families that are taking a chance on becoming the first homeowners at Thunder Valley CDC. Your donation will increase the subsidies we are able to give them.

Youth Leadership Development Initiative

Each summer the youth in our Youth Leadership Development Initiative put on events for other kids across the reservation.  These events are a great time for families to come together and teaches the youth skills in planning and coordinating events.  They have expressed interest in hosting another event during the school year because of how successful the summer events have been.  Your donation supports their ability to host a community event this year!


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