Workforce Development Through Sustainable Construction Program

Our Workforce Development Through Sustainable Construction Program trains and educates adults 18 and older, men and women, in Sustainable Home Construction through in-classroom training and on-site training, which includes building highly energy efficient homes within the Thunder Valley Regenerative Community Development. This (10) month training program includes following an Individual Education Plan, Individual Success Plan and Construction Training where the participants will learn to build a single-family home from start to finish. Upon completion of participation in the program, participants will be placed into the construction industry or into continued higher education.

"I feel really blessed that I got this job, you know?  It's something that we can carry into the future.  I feel lucky to be part of something bigger than myself that is positive because it gives me a reason to wake up in the morning.  It is something that will live beyond me so when I'm gone my kids can drive by and say, 'My Dad helped build that.'"

-Ira Little Bear

The Workforce Development Through Sustainable Construction Program is part of an organized strategy to address lack of housing opportunity on the Oglala Lakota Nation as well as an active mechanism to alleviate poverty and improve quality of life on Pine Ridge. Upon successful completion of this program, participants may  at some point become part of a Thunder Valley employee-owned construction company offering a unique opportunity to go from student to business owner in a short amount of time. That is one pathway out of poverty for that individual and their family. Homes within the Regenerative Community Development will be thousands of dollars cheaper because they were built through this program. Homeownership is traditionally one of the best ways to build individual and community wealth thus affordable, resilient housing opportunities at the Thunder Valley Regenerative Community Development site are yet another pathway to improving the financial capacity of families and build stronger tribal communities. 

Golden West