Self Help Program

Curious about homeownership, but not sure if it's a possibility for you and your family? We can help!

Our Self-Help Program makes homeownership a reality for low-income families through:

  • A "Sweat Equity" process in which program participants work together to assist in the construction of one another's homes.
  • Free classes such as Financial Literacy, Credit When Credit is Due and First Time Homebuyers
  • Direct support for participants in their communications with lenders
  • Help with decoding the often frustrating terms and processes related to homeownership  

Start your journey to homeownership today. Whether you need help with your credit score or want to know why homeownership is a good choice for you and your family, we can help you reach your goals.  Through this program, families create their own pathway out of poverty by growing their stability and wealth through homeownership. Self-Help Homes are incredibly energy efficient, allowing families to spend less on monthly utilities and more on their families and futures. By becoming a homeowner, you also build the economy of our reservation, creating more local opportunities and wealth.