Regenerative Community Development

Thunder Valley CDC's Regenerative Community Development is located on 34 acres of land in the geographic center of the Pine Ridge Reservation.  This development is a show me place, to prove what is possible on the reservation.  It is a result of hundreds of hours of community engagement and a belief that the answers to the issues here come from our community and not from outside agendas.

The goal is to create a sustainable and vibrant community that provides better housing, places for business to thrive and a healthy supportive environment for youth, elderly, and families. This community is a living laboratory, a place to build skills, knowledge and capacity for residents.  This project will explore and refine new ways of living that build on traditional Lakota values to develop innovative, homegrown Native solutions to a variety of challenges.

The Regenerative Community is a catalyst to address the need for jobs, housing, facilities and new opportunities that do not currently exist on the reservation.  It emphasizes the need to create new systems that foster and bolster economic development, opportunity, increase assess to financial ability, and the physical, political, and financial infrastructure to increase community development. Ultimately the site will feature single family, multi-family residences, youth shelter, childcare facilities, retail, and office spaces.

South Dakota Housing Opportunity Fund
Enterprise Community Partners
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation