Lakȟótiyapi Press

Lakȟótiyapi Press is the media production component of our Lakota Language Initiative.  In order to address the extreme scarcity of Lakota media currently available, this program works to produce a wide array of rich media in both print and digital mediums.  Currently Lakȟótiyapi Press:

  • Publishes original children’s books (available for purchase here)
  • Creates translations of existing storybooks
  • Provides numerous online teaching tools
  • Produces animated and live-action educational videos
  • Has developed multiple educational apps 
  • Runs a 100% Lakota news site,

Lakȟótiyapi Press addresses an essential component of language revitalization: closing the gap between what is available in Lakota versus what is available in English in the field of rich media.  Thus, we are ensuring that Lakota remains a vibrant, living language that can be accessed by learners, educators and speakers using a multitude of mediums.