Lakȟótiya Škíŋčiyapi Program

Lakȟotiya Škiŋčiyapi (Staying Active Through the Lakota Language) develops leadership and cultural knowledge of high school students in order to help mentor elementary and middle school children in athletics and health. Mentors are taught necessary Lakota vocabulary, athletic and health information, and learn about how the ehaŋni Lakȟol wičhouŋ was bound with physical activity. High school mentors then help pass on this knowledge to the younger students. All children will demonstrate competence in fundamental motor skills and team sports skills, identify basic health-related concepts using appropriate Lakota vocabulary and thought processes. The mentors and students will exhibit acceptance of self and others in physical activities, and identify the benefits of a physically active lifestyle using the Lakota language.

Lakȟotiya Škiŋčiyapi includes daily practices and camps, which take place at local facilities, including Red Cloud Indian School's gym and fields. High school mentors help implement physical activities and sports instruction as well as ehaŋni Lakȟol wičhouŋ lessons during sports camps and practices. The ehaŋni Lakȟol wičhouŋ curriculum and high school mentorship program are developed and taught by the Lakota Language Initiative Staff. High school mentors help plan and implement youth activities throughout the year. Youth develop personal success plans to help plan for their future, including education and job goals, language and culture goals, self-care and healthy life skills.

Notah Begay III Foundation