Homeownership Program

Traditionally, Lakota people were nomadic and had moveable homes that suited our life ways, culture, and environment. With the Pine Ridge Reservation as a permanent land base for our Oglala Lakota Nation, we want to create long-lasting homes that can be passed down for generations. These homes take the traditional knowledge of our ancestors, years community feedback, and the latest in eco-conscious design to create homes that are dependable, uniquely Lakota, and climate change adaptable. 

We recognize that housing is a major crisis on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The lack of housing has become a health and safety concern, barrier to employment, and challenge for economic development. We are working to create a solution to this housing crisis through building a planned development with community input every step of the way. These homes provide more than shelter, they also provide an opportunity for personal wealth building through homeownership and low energy costs, stability for growing families, and will be surrounded by retail, recreation, and community spaces.

Pyatt Studio is the architect for these single family homes and has worked with us to ensure the design is energy efficient, uses healthy building materials, and fits the needs of our families.  Families are able to choose from three or four bedroom homes which are located at the Thunder Valley CDC Regenerative Community.


We encourage our community members to consider owning one of these homes.  If you are not sure if you are able to afford a home or do not know if you have the credit level necessary, we have a Home Ownership Coordinator that can work with you every step of the way! We offer financial literacy courses, homebuyer education, and one on one sessions to individuals that are interested in purchasing a home.  There are many programs that are available to help families afford a home and we will work with you to get the best option for your family.  

Complete an intake application today to take your first step towards homeownership!

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