Elementary Immersion Track

The Elementary Immersion Track is a Lakota Language based elementary education option/track created to continue providing comprehensive language education to graduates of our Lakota Immersion Childcare Program (LICP).  In collaboration with Red Cloud Indian School, the Elementary Immersion Track ensures that children in the program are reaching their educational milestones in a Lakota speaking environment, with English provided as a language course rather than functioning as the primary linguistic medium/vehicle/channel.

With this program, we are not only encouraging our youth to be functionally able to speak their language, but to also have their language as a framework for their world, their identity and their future.  We want to simultaneously increase fluency among our youth while also equipping them with an education that allows them to successfully pursue their dreams –– without sacrificing their connection to culture.  We seek to create well-rounded individuals, rooted in their heritage language, with no future closed off to them.