Community Gardens

We have two Community Gardens as part of our Food Sovereignty Initiative.

Main Garden

One is a one-third acre plot of organically grown produce that is planted, weeded, and harvested by the Food Sovereignty Initiative (FSI) team and our Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP) participants. This garden is located on-site at the Thunder Valley CDC main offices in Porcupine, South Dakota and will grow in size to fit the needs of the community.

School Garden

Our second garden is smaller in size and maintained by our Lakota Language Initiative staff and students at our Language headquarters in Oglala, South Dakota.

The garden’s main purpose is to provide local residents with access to fresh, organic produce. The garden also provides an educational space for community members to experience all the phases of the growing process.  By creating a welcoming space for people to experience gardening, ask questions of our FSI staff, share expertise, and taste delicious produce right out of the ground, we create an opportunity for local community members to empower themselves through deeper engagement with their local food system.  Additionally the garden serves as a resource and model for anyone that is inspired to plant or expand upon their own garden, thus providing the groundwork for a strengthened local food system and increased reservation-wide collaboration.

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