Lakota Language Initiative

Less than 3% of our community speaks Lakota fluently. We are working with our community to create fluent speakers, build confidence, and increase educational opportunity. We are doing this through innovative solutions to increase daily access to Lakota language.

Our Lakota Language Initiative houses the following programs:

  • Elementary Immersion Track - 100% Lakota speaking classroom for graduates of our Childcare program. Held in partnership with Red Cloud Indian School.
  • Lakȟótiyapi Press - The multimedia component of the Initiative, which produces children's books, educational videos and web content.
  • Curriculum Development - Portion of the Initiative which focuses on developing a solid, culturally informed curriculum for teaching the Lakota Language.

"Lakota isn't just a language we use to talk about the distant past, it is also a language we can use to discuss everything from biology to plate tectonics, everyday life to astrophysics.  It has just as much relevance today as it did a hundred years ago." 

-Peter Hill, Language Coordinator