Housing & Homeownership

There is a need for roughly 4,000 homes on the reservation. That is why we are building affordable, energy efficient homes and working with families to help them navigate the process of homeownership. Not only does owning a home builds assets and stability on an individual, family, and community level, but it is also a way for families to feel a deeper sense of involvement and ownership in creating a healthy community in which people thrive.

We provide support and guidance to families interested in owning a home, but possibly unsure of what steps they need to take to reach that goal. And, by working with other local organizations dedicated to increasing Native homeownership, we are helping to create a more streamlined path to homeownership on the reservation.

Our strategy around homeownership is not just about putting roofs over people's heads, it is about creating jobs, building assets, increasing stability, and improving the health of our community.

Because we recognize the diverse needs of our community, we offer multiple options for people interested in starting the journey to homeownership. Take a look and see which one is best for you:

  1. Mutual Self Help Program
  2. Homeownership Program
  3. Sustainable Home Ownership Project (SHOP)

"Homeownership gives families the opportunity to build equity and provide their family with a safe and stable environment."

                -Star Means, Homeownership Coordinator