Food Sovereignty Initiative

Our community is a food desert and diabetes and preventable diseases are at the highest rates in the country. In 2014 we conducted a Oglala Lakota Nation Food System Assessment to better understand what our community needs are around food.  The assessment guided our work in creating a Food Sovereignty Initiative to work towards improving the following goals:

  1. Improved food access on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
  2. Increased food system sovereignty.
  3. Improved nutrition and public health.
  4. Decreased economic burdens on low-come families and increased economic opportunities.

The Food Sovereignty Initiative includes:

We aim to create a local food system to increase access to healthy foods and increase economic opportunity through agriculture. Ultimately this will create a healthier community.


Click here to read the 2017 Food Sovereignty Initiative Report.


"This Food Sovereignty Initiative will create change on the Pine Ridge Reservation through the creation of a scalable and viable food system."

-Nick Hernandez