Our Programs

Our programs and initiatives are centered on strengthening, healing, and building community.

Each program takes a focused approach to one area while being a part of a broader approach to creating a sustainable community. We do not limit this definition of community to the 34 acres we are developing--our programs and initiatives serve people across the reservation and surrounding areas. Our goal is to build power by building up individuals to create the changes they wish to see.  Our community has helped us to identify key areas to work in to achieve our larger goal of creating systemic change.  

We work in the areas of: 



Lakota Language 


Workforce Development

Social Enterprise 

Each of these focus areas are part of holistic initiatives geared to building community and providing an ecosystem of opportunity. Take a look at each focus areas to learn more.

"I'm grateful to Thunder Valley CDC for providing this program, I'm thankful to have somewhere to come to work everyday."

-Workforce Development Participant