Alan Jealous

Alan Jealous was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation. He currently resides in Porcupine, South Dakota and is a graduate from Oglala Lakota College where he got an AAS Degree in General Construction. After achieving his degree he went on to work in Rapid City for 2 years, which helped him understand the whole concept of a house coming together from start to finish. Alan is the proud father of one 2 year old son. He feels it is an honor to be working along side with Thunder Valley CDC, creating change for our people and "opening up doors that need to be opened." He believes that by focusing on what needs to be done and taking action we can change all of the talk about what a "bad place" this reservation is, but first we have to also change how we talk about our home here.  He says that if we let go of being against one another and acknowledge the good things we have accomplished, we will grow stronger as a nation.  He believes all it will take is time and a team effort, that bringing greater opportunity to our people is going to take more than person, it is going to take all of us to come together and bring our visions for the future into reality.