Thunder Valley CDC Breaks Ground on Community Building

Members of Thunder Valley CDC's staff, board and wider community gathered to pray and make a tobacco offering before all breaking ground together on our Community Building & Bunkhouse. Every building, whether our Poultry House or a Community Building, goes through the same groundbreaking process in order to bring everyone together and remind us of why we are doing the work we are doing. Building community is about more than physical structures so taking this time to reflect on our intentions, our commitment, and our hopes for the future, we can reconnect to the bigger picture.

This space will provide a much needed gathering space for community members to use for everything from birthday parties to small concerts, arts trainings to formal gatherings. This building's design was heavily influenced by community input. Architecture firm, BNIM, continually incorporated community feedback on the designs of this structure. For instance, the rooftop design reflects the "as above, so below" value of Lakota people seen in thipi structures, a design element that came directly from one of our community engagement sessions. We look forward to sharing more details with out about this design process when we celebrate the building's grand opening next year. The full build out of the Community Building & Bunk House is expected to take roughly one year.