Promise Zone

The White House launched an initiative in 2014 that designates a number of high-poverty urban, rural and tribal communities as Promise Zones. Once Designated, the Federal Government will partner with and invest into the communities. There are currently 13 designated Promise Zones in the country. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is one of two tribal Promise Zones.

Thunder Valley CDC has been designated the Coordinating Agency for the Pine Ridge Promise Zone. With the support of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Thunder Valley CDC wrote the application that ultimately received the designation for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

The Promise Zone designation provides an opportunity for our voice to be heard nationally. Locally, we will have the opportunity to determine our priorities and what we need. Our voice, our input can help create policies that will will stream line and reduce inefficiencies and inconsistencies between federal departments.

A Promise Zone Designation can also be used as a rallying point to encourage local programs to share information and leverage their resources to accomplish more in less time and at a reduced cost.

Pine Ridge Promise Zone Goals

Through communication and collaboration, Thunder Valley CDC and local partner organizations are working to achieve six goals on behalf of the community:

  • Creating quality jobs on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
  • Increasing economic activity
  • Improving educational opportunities
  • Reduction in serious and violent crimes
  • Provide affordable housing
  • Develop systematic approaches to building infrastructure

Working Groups

To better identify our local priorities and needs, the work of the Promise Zone will be broken up into Working Groups. Currently, there are three large Working Groups.

  • Land and Built Environment
  • Capacity Building
  • Youth Opportunity

Under each Working Group, there will be sub-groups to further divide up the work and focus on projects. Each Working Group have a local lead and federal lead. These purpose of the co-leads is to help streamline communication between the local and federal partners.

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