Oyate Omniciye Oglala Lakota Regional Plan

In 2010 Thunder Valley CDC received a HUD Sustainable Communities grant to lead a listening, visioning, and planning period to create a regional sustainability planning document for the Pine Ridge Reservation.  The hope was that this document would inform decisions made about economic development, youth programming, educations, and other areas of development on the reservation.


  • Continue the healing and strengthening of our people by bolstering identity and opportunity through the unique and beautiful perspective of Lakota knowledge, culture, and language
  • Reinvigorate a thriving, dynamic, and robust society where all share in the benefits.
  • Honor our connections with the Earth and seek out ways to protect her environment.
  • Create meaningful economic and job opportunities that reignite cultural identity.
  • Promote and enhance public health, and awareness of healthy alternatives.
  • Provide and enhance infrastructure, housing, and social services at an affordable cost

Why Oyate Omniciye?

The name Oyate Omniciye began with conversations involving a small circle of Lakota Elders who gathered to talk about what Lakota people do when getting together to "plan" for something important. During the conversation another dialogue emerged about whether the Lakota language had a word for "sustainability". Ultimately, the group came to the simple words: OYATE OMNICIYE. Roughly translated, Oyate Omnicicye means "The Circle Meetings of the People".


  1. Regional Planning Office
  2. Governance
  3. Language
  4. Youth and Young Ones
  5. Model Community Development
  6. Health and Wellness
  7. Education, Training, and Outreach
  8. Economy
  9. Land Use
  10. Environment and Ecosystems
  11. Communication
  12. Transportation

For the full plan please see the resources section of our website to download the plan.

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